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Tuesday 03-07-2009, 9.30am
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NEWS! - All postage prices are for the UK only. Those interested in buying the books from elsewhere, please check out our worldwide orders section here

NEWS! - Online ordering is now available for UK users. The system currently uses Google Checkout due to its excellent reputation for safety and ease of use. Shipping rates vary depending on the books, but we have worked hard to keep them as close to cost price as possible. Check out the books section now to order.

UPDATE - The prices of all books have been updated. We are now offering the translated 'Canterbury Tales' for just £19.95 and Chaucer's 'Other Works' for £21.95!

Sam Farrand, Imperial Purple


Welcome to Imperial-Purple.com, home to the books of John Edmonds - the man who solved the mystery of the Roman Imperial Purple dye-making process.

The aim of this site is to publish John Edmonds's books and research online. This includes his work on traditional recipes for natural dyes and his translations of Chaucer into Modern English. We are, however, still under construction. Please check back in a few days as everything is happening very fast at the moment, so more content should be available shortly.

John's work consists of a series of seven books chronicles the development of textile dying: from ancient to modern times. The books are not only useful to anyone interested in the history of textile dyeing, but also as a practical guide to those wishing to try out the processes for themselves.

John has also translated the works of Geoffrey Chaucer into Modern English for the first time. There are two volumes: 'The Canterbury Tales’, and 'Chaucer’s Other Works'.

In the past, those who wish to experience the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer had to first learn sufficient Middle English to do so. With John’s translation of 'Canterbury Tales’, those who are more interested in the meaning than the form are now free to enjoy this seminal work. The translation remains as faithful to the original work as possible, whilst translating it a far more readable form. All tales are included.

‘Chaucer’s Other Works' includes all of Chaucer’s other writings (except the ‘Treatise on the Astrolabe’ and the ‘Equatorie of the Planatis’). These translations are intended for those interested in the life and stories of an educated Londoner living in 14th Century Britain. Chaucer’s work is important quite apart from its merits as English poetry, and these aspects can be more easily appreciated in Modern English.

Having translated Chaucer’s complete works for his own satisfaction and edification, it seems sensible to make the work available to others interested in English Literature and History.

These books represent the first time that all of Chaucer's works have been translated into Modern English and cannot be found anywhere else. Both Volumes will be available to buy through this website in the very-near future.

Over the next few weeks, more and more content should be going up so please check back soon...

Mike Edmonds, Imperial Purple




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